New iOS 16 features for iPhone and update availability

 Apple officially announced the upcoming new iOS 16 features for iPhone users during the current year 2022, during the keynote speech at this year’s Apple Annual Developers Conference WWDC 2022, and Apple said that the new iOS 16 iOS 16 features include an update A comprehensive screen lock that completely changes the experience of iPhone users, in addition to enhancing the features of content sharing, communication and smart features, as well as improvements to the messaging, mail, visual search and other applications.

New iOS 16 features for iPhone

iOS 16: Release Date, New Features

iOS 16 offers iPhone users such as iPhone 13 and others a whole new experience with the Screen Lock screen, where users can customize the lock screen and control the color and font of the time and date, in addition to the ability to control the background elements in the lock screen to give it more depth, through:

Apple announces iOS 16 updates at WWDC22

Customize the lock screen according to what suits each user: so that iPhone users with iOS 16 can customize the lock screen completely according to what suits him, including displaying favorite photos, customizing fonts, clock color and date, with the ability to add widgets to it to preview information in real time.

Adding widgets to the lock screen: This allows iPhone users to add widgets to preview information without having to open the phone, which is inspired by the Apple Watch, so that you can preview calendar events, battery level, reminders, weather, activity episodes and other various applications.

Dealing with the lock screen as multiple layers: This allows the user to set the wallpaper so that it appears in front of the exact time.

Create multiple lock screens: This allows users to create different lock screens each with a specific pattern and move between them easily.

Alerts: Display alerts directly on the lock screen at the bottom for easier interaction with them.

Live Activities: A feature that allows you to stay informed of live events from the lock screen, such as sports results and tracking food delivery without having to unlock the phone.

Gallery of lock screen wallpapers: which provides multiple options for inspiration, including a weather wallpaper to display the weather in real time throughout the day, astronomy wallpaper to display the moon, Earth and the solar system, with the ability to create lock screen wallpapers based on favorite emoji or color combinations.

Enhanced focus feature and linked to the lock screen

The iOS 16 features also include enhancing the Focus feature, so that it is now easier to set up, in addition to linking it with the Lock Screen, so that the user can create a lock screen suitable for each focus period such as work or sleep and others, with the ability to easily scroll to choose The lock screen to activate the focus feature according to its convenience, and Apple also added the ability to filter focus factors, so that applications such as Calendar, Mail, Messages, and the Safari browser can display only content relevant to the user's focus.

And Apple had introduced the Focus feature in the previous version, a feature that provided the user to get customized alerts according to what he wanted to focus on, while defining alerts and people allowed to receive alerts from them automatically based on artificial intelligence techniques.
- Shared album to share photos

And iPhone users with the new version iOS 16 iOS 16 can create a shared album to share photos iCloud Shared Photo Library similar to the Google Google Photos application, with the ability to choose people, whether from family, friends or co-workers up to 6 people, or choose the start date, and then Photos can be added automatically to the album, with the ability to choose the photos in the phone or share new photos from the camera application directly through a new feature.

Album participants have the same powers to add, edit, or delete photos, with synchronization of favorites, labels and keywords, so that everyone involved in the album benefits from an individual editing or rating photos, and Apple said that users will receive smart suggestions to share a photo that includes album participants.

New Features of Messages App in iOS 16

And the Messages app in iOS 16 and iOS 16 got many important new features, most notably:

Edit messages up to 15 minutes after they've been sent, or undo deleting messages up to 30 days after they've been deleted.

Undo sending messages.

Mark messages as unread.

Watch content or listen to music with friends via the messaging application directly, depending on the SharePlay feature, with the ability to message while watching and share media control buttons.

Share notes, presentations, reminders, tab groups in Safari, and more through Messages, making it easy to collaborate with colleagues, family, and more.

Improve smart features like Live Text

Apple has improved many of the smart features or that rely on artificial intelligence techniques AI and machine learning, which include:

The Live Text feature relies on artificial intelligence to recognize texts inside images in the iPhone, and with iOS 16, the feature now supports video clips as well, so that the user can stop the video at any frame that includes texts, extract and interact with them, whether by translation, copying or searching.

Quick interactions with texts inside images and videos: The system automatically offers to call phone numbers, visit a website link, translate texts into certain languages, and automatically convert currencies when there are texts inside images or videos.

Improving the Visual Look Up feature: which allows users to click and hold on any object within images to isolate it from the background, such as isolating a dog from the background in an image and sharing it in other applications such as Messages, and Apple said that visual search now recognizes birds, insects and statues within images.

Activate shortcuts directly with Siri.

Live Captions: It is the experimental feature that converts audio, whether from conversations or video directly into texts (similar to the same feature that Google provides in Android and through the Chrome browser), the feature supports iPhone 11 phones and later versions only.

Important tools for the Mail app

iOS 16 also adds a set of important tools to the Mail management application built into the system, most notably:

Enhanced search experience: Users get more accurate search results, with automatic suggestions for completing searches.

Schedule emails to be sent.

Undo sending messages.

Alert the user in case he forgot to attach a file to the message.

Later reminders of messages, so that the user gets alerts to remind you to see a message later.

Suggestions to Follow Up If they don't receive a response to their message.

Passkeys feature in Safari to get rid of passwords

It is a feature that reduces reliance on passwords to log in to different sites through the Safari browser, so that the user can rely on FaceID and Touch ID fingerprints, while synchronizing passwords across iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV through the iCloud Keychain feature.

- Broader options to participate in Safari

iOS 16 also adds many new features to make it easier to share and collaborate with others via Safari, so you can share tabs and favorites, send a message or start a video call directly through Safari, for example, you can share pages or tabs related to a trip with friends traveling in The same flight.

Improved voice dictation feature in iOS 16

Apple has improved the voice dictation feature in iOS 16, so that the feature automatically adds punctuation during dictation, such as question marks, commas, periods, and others, in addition to the ability to dictate or write emoji with voice when sending messages, as well as seamlessly switching between voice dictation and touch typing on the panel. keys.

A new generation of Apple CarPlay

Among the highlights of what Apple also announced during the keynote at its WWDC22 Developers Conference is the new generation of CarPlay that will change the experience of iPhone users with their cars, as it will provide better integration, in addition to the ability to display widgets on car screens to replace the physical gauges, in order to display the speed fuel level, temperature, etc., in addition to controlling the radio directly through CarPlay, with the user choosing what suits him to customize the experience through different designs of gauges, as well as displaying weather information and controlling music through the car dashboard, but the cars that will support the generation The new one will not be available until late next year 2023.

Pay in installments through the Pay Later feature in Apple Pay

It is the new feature in iOS 16, which offers Apple Pay users a competitor to later payment services or installment services, as the Pay Later feature in Apple Pay allows users to pay purchases in 4 equal installments within 6 weeks, without any interest or delay penalties. (Feature available in the US only)

- Track orders via the wallet app

The Wallet application in iOS 16 and iOS 16 also provides a new feature to track orders or purchases that users have paid for their purchases with Apple Pay, while obtaining purchase invoices directly through the Wallet application, through partnership with many retail stores and shopping sites.

iPhone users with the new iOS 16 update can also use ID cards stored in the wallet to enable applications to verify identity and age, provided that Apple provides only the necessary information needed by the application, which the user can review and agree to share with a face or fingerprint, and users can Also, share the keys to cars, offices, hotels and homes in the Wallet with others securely through the application of messages, mail and other messaging applications.

Improved parental controls in iOS 16

Get security updates faster

Control your Apple Watch through your iPhone

The Apple Health app for all iPhone users

Reminders of medication appointments

Fitness app for all iPhone users

– Discover surrounding or nearby doors

It is one of the new accessibility features coming for iPhone users in iOS 16, as it allows the visually impaired to identify the nearby doors and how far away, with an explanation of how to open the door, and the feature also reads important details about the door aloud, such as western numbers and the extent of access to the door by chairs This feature supports iPhones and iPads equipped with a LiDAR depth sensor, such as iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, the second and third generation of iPad Pro with an 11-inch screen, and the fourth and fifth generation of iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen.

Redesigned Home app to control smart home devices

- More privacy and security features

What are the iPhone phones that will get the iOS 16 update?

iOS 16 iOS 16 is available as a free update for the following iPhone users:

iPhone 13 series: including iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

All phones in the iPhone 12 series.

iPhone 11 phones.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

iPhone X and iPhone 🇷X.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The second generation iPhone SE and the newer version like the iPhone SE 3.

When is the iOS 16 iOS 16 update available for iPhone?

The developer preview version of iOS 16 is now available, which is the appropriate version for developers to test their applications and learn about new features and is unreliable in daily use, and Apple said that the beta version will be available during July 2022, provided that the iOS 16 update is available for all officially supported iPhone phones. During next September or October 2022, coinciding with the launch of iPhone 14.

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