Sweatcoin is the best app that pays you to walk

The "Sweatcoin" application is one of the most important and popular fitness applications in the world, as it is considered one of the applications for making money, and what distinguishes this application from others is that it is free and this may be one of the reasons for the popularity and success of this application.

Sweatcoin - walking tracker app

This app also allows you to earn money by walking and this app is free on the play store which means you can download it easily without any hindrances but the question remains how we can make use of this new software.

Sweatcoin is a new addition to step counting and activity tracking tools, it converts your steps into coins that you can spend on devices, sports and fitness equipment, services and activities.

Download the app from Google Play Store → Sweatcoin Walking Step Tracker

Download the app from the Apple Store → Sweatcoin Walking Step

This app encourages people to walk, exercise and fitness, and their registration in the app versus walking may be more motivation to exercise regularly, this app can easily recognize your movement via GPS, so that the app can count steps and know the distance you have traveled While walking in the morning.

The application of this program actually began in the United States and Britain, and this application is expected to reach all parts of Europe, and then the Arab countries, and the longer you walk, the greater your share of Sweatcoin, the more you take a thousand steps you will get a coin, a sweatcoin, and this It means that you can make a big profit by playing your favorite sport.

The application tracks the movement of users via GPS and pays one Sweat coin for every thousand steps and many other offers. Fitness, gift cards and more other offers.

You can also collect more sweatcoin so that you can get all the fitness equipment that you dream of, in addition to many offers, you can buy with this money everything you want, as 15 sweet coins are equivalent to about $ 25, if you get from the application you get 15 sweatcoins This indicates that you have become pregnant for $25 and you can buy them whatever you want.

Sweetcoin application explanation

The Sweetcoin program to make money walking is very easy and requires nothing more than installing on the phone and granting the necessary licenses, after which it starts giving you the dollars you deserve for the steps you take, and the application is not available in all Arab countries, and you may not be able to download it from the App Store Google Play In some cases, you will even need to download it externally as an Android apk file through Google from the official site that takes you to Google Play or the Apple Store, where you can choose according to the type of device, as shown below:

  • In the event that you cannot download the Sweetcoin app from the store, you can download the latest version of the app as an apk file through the Mediafire website.

  • If you were able to download the Swatcoin app from the store, you can go to the next paragraph to continue explaining the earnings from the Swatcoin program, but if you failed to download from the store and downloaded a copy of the apk, after downloading to your phone open the installed file and make sure that the non- option is activated sources in phone security settings to identify the app as an unknown source in your phone's security settings, so you can install apps outside the Google Play Store.

After installing the Sweatcoin app on your phone, just follow the registration instructions as follows: Enter your full name, agree to the GPS permissions and set them so that the app can track your movements, and give an order to also approve access to the Google Fit app, and first you have to type the phone number with country code.

Enter the confirmation code that you will receive in an SMS message, then start walking to earn money on the Sweatcoin application, and another way to earn money on the application is by inviting a friend, where you can earn 5 coins for each friend who registers in the application through you, and you can find the contact link within the application.

Sweatcoin application

Features of the Sweatcoin application

Before implementing this project, the project organizers had to verify the validity of the blockchain technology, and this technology can be used to know the degree of sincerity of digital transactions, and I confirmed that application as it is one of the profitable applications on the Internet, through Walking Practice, and this ensures that users of this application obtain all their material rights There is no room for fraud or deception.

This application spread last year in the United States, where the number of subscribers last year reached about 5 million subscribers from all over the world, and in terms of the number of active subscribers and actual users, the number reached about two million subscribers and now it is growing incredibly and this is the greatest proof of its success.

Sweatcoin application aims to maintain health and reduce weight and most obese patients can get rid of excess weight to get money from this application and get the slim body that they have always dreamed of through this application. application.

How is the profit calculated in the Sweatcoin application

It was found in the experience of one of the users who said that he walks more than 5000 steps per day, and after installing the application he walked about 7500 steps per day, and after three months he got a total of 675,000 steps, which in turn means 602.66 currencies from Sweet Coin, and it must be converted into dollars.

So what is the value of 602.66 sweatcoins in dollars as real currency? When calculating the amount of currency we should follow the conversion methods, as there are two ways to convert Swatcoins into dollars or PayPal, and each of these methods gives a different value to Swatcoin, and this is as follows:

  • Method 1: If you want to pay directly to your account and get the amount on PayPal based on the app stats that shows that every 3650 gives you $50, the amount is transferred by a factor of $0.0137 per Sweetcoin, as represented by the count of 602.66 Swatcoins, that's about $8.26.

  • The second method: The idea of ​​this method lies in not asking for payment and waiting for several years, because the value of the currency increases the longer it is delayed, and we find in the first method the application gives 50 dollars for every 3650 currencies, but here it gives 1000 dollars for 20 thousand currencies, which means that if you wait Until you reach 20K, it will be calculated by a factor of 0.05, not $0.0137, which means that in the previous example we will get 675,000 moves, which is more than $30.

Withdraw from the Sweatcoin app

As for withdrawing cash from the Sweatcoin application, except for the PayPal account, you do not have other options for withdrawal, otherwise you will have to buy some of the products offered by the company through the Sveatcoin application, so that you can get a free PayPal account from anywhere in the world, and in order to To get a PayPal account, you need a bank card such as a Visa or MasterCard

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