How to recover my Gmail and Google account explained steps

 Currently, it is common for us to have multiple accounts for different types of service, so we can reach the problem of forgetting a password. Although there are ways to program these accesses, it may happen that we lose the key to enter important platforms such as Google and therefore Gmail. You will ask yourself, and how to recover my Gmail account?

How to recover my Gmail and Google account?

Steps to restore logging in to your Google or Gmail account


  • Recover my Gmail password
  • Recover my Google account

Don't worry. Recovering an account isn't complicated at all, and just in case it happens to you, there are several ways to bring our issues back in case you forgot.

Recover my Gmail password

This situation is perhaps the most common, so carrying out the recovery process is also a simple process, which we will detail below:

Step 1: We have to visit the Google website and enter the account recovery site. There we will have to enter our email address.

Step 2: In case we don't remember it, we have the option to enter our phone number or a recovery email.

Step 3: after this, Google will ask us about our name and surname, in order to check that everything is in accordance with the registration we made at the time.

Step 4 – Later, a verification code will be sent to our phone or recovery email. This key must be entered on the Google account recovery page and then click Next. Thus, you can reset the password and have access to the email.

Recover my Google account

In the event that we have not only forgotten our email password, but also the account, Google also offers us a solution.

Step 1: You must enter the Google Account Recovery page, where you will be asked some questions.

Step 2 – Along with this, you need to choose the option of Find your username, which can be selected at the time of choosing the option Forgot Email Address?

Step 3 – You will then be prompted to enter an alternative phone number or email, where a code will be sent.

Step 4 – Google will display a series of account names that may be the one you lost. You must choose yours and continue with the steps suggested on the screen.

Step 5 – As stated in the first step, Google may ask a few questions to confirm if you are the account owner.

In case none of these ways work for you, you can still visit the Google site where you can select the problem that afflicts you and it will give you a series of steps to continue in order to solve the situation.

According to the above, you must select what happens to you, where the options range from “You forgot your password”, “You think someone else uses your account” to “You cannot access from a third-party service”.

Also, Google has its support page that offers help in each of its services, in case you are still confused or desperate to recover your account.

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