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 How do you do digital marketing?

If you are starting in the world of digital marketing this post interests you. The task is far from easy but the reward is worth the effort. Therefore, pay attention to the following keys to get the most out of your foray into the digital world.

E-commerce How to get started in digital marketing online
digital marketing

What is the digital marketing

Digital marketing is a type of marketing whose main objective is to promote the products of a business on the internet.

This type of marketing can be applied at any stage of the sale. The strategy is reflected from the moment the potential customer knows the brand until he defines his purchase or comes back for more.

Let's think of a concrete example: imagine that you have an e-commerce where you sell men's hats.

You probably want that hat-wearing crowd to come to your store, right? To achieve this, one option would be to invest in well-targeted internet advertising campaigns (such as Instagram Ads or Google Ads).

Next step, potential customers see the ad and a percentage of them enter your online business. Perfect! Now, how to make them buy?

You can offer them a discount coupon, free shipping on their first purchase or the promotion that best suits your business.

Congratulations, they bought you! How is everything now? You will want them to buy from you again. An alternative to achieve this is to send periodic emails to those customers with products similar to the ones they bought from you and with tempting offers!

Each of these actions (implementation of an online advertising campaign, definition of promotions, sending emails) represents a link in the chain of a business's marketing plan.

Steps to create a digital marketing plan

In the next section, we are going to delve into each step so that it is 100% successful and you can apply it like an expert in digital marketing.

Make a list of your goals: What do you want to achieve? It is essential that you seriously reflect on what you want to achieve.

Once the list is finished, search, investigate, read information related to your objectives and draw conclusions. Surely, once you've “got down to business”, you'll realize that you need to rethink some of those goals.

Restate the objectives and now yes, be specific, precise and objective. Obtaining profitability is probably one of your maxims, but you must not forget that to obtain that profitability you must first comply with a series of previous tips such as having visibility, adding value or having traffic on your web blog, online store, etc.

Make an effort to think digital. Here it is essential that you look for influencers; specialized blogs and all kinds of reports that bring you as close as possible to the digital landscape. If you are interested in the world of Social Media, is a good reference and her content is always up-to-date.

With all this information you can now create your Action Plan. If you have a blog or a website and your goal is to create attractive content, you should create a Content Plan. In the event that your idea is more aimed at social networks, you should make a Social Media Plan. You can find examples of already executed plans and get ideas or if you prefer you can just choose a template and start from scratch yourself. Don't be scared, go step by step and never forget what your goals are.

At this point you should be aware that more is not always better. Each company or each person has its objectives and action plans must be consistent with ours. You don't have to be everywhere, much less if it doesn't bring us any benefit. For example, there are companies that do not invest time and money in Social Media because their target is not there and none of their objectives is to implement their presence in social networks. It may happen that you are interested in being on social networks like Facebook because that is where your potential customers are, but not on Instagram because the user profile has

nothing to do with your target audience. Nothing happens for not having profiles on all social networks, it is much more important to know which ones you should be on and do a good job on them.

It is time to decide what tools you are going to use. Try all of them, but only work with those that you feel truly comfortable with. There are hundreds of tools to manage content on social networks, create websites, design email or advertising campaigns, etc.

but not all of them will serve your goals and not all of them will be as simple once you use them. Choose those that provide you with what you need and leave the others as Plan B (in case the ones you use fail or one day you decide to use others). Knowledge has no place, and even less so in the digital world.

Now you have an action plan and a list of tools that will allow you to manage your digital marketing actions. Review step by step your objectives, the action plan and the chosen tools. If you think that the choice is the most appropriate and everything is as it should be, go ahead and get down to business and start working.

You have almost everything done, now it remains to start it and above all do not forget that you must renew yourself almost every day. Digital tools are continually updated and you must always be up to date. Take it as a positive as these updates are improvements that will help you be more efficient and will help increase your profits.

How to Get Started in Online Digital Marketing for Business

Finally, review your results and analyze if your goals have been met. There are hundreds of tools to obtain data on your digital activity and the impact of your actions. For example, Google Analytics provides you with fairly detailed reports of your online situation. If you have a Fan Page on Facebook you can check your statistics on the same page and in the case of Twitter you can use Twitter Analytics or Hashtag trackers to measure the impact of your content.

If you have not achieved your goals, you may have to rethink some of your strategies or simply give yourself more time. The digital world provides many benefits, but they are rarely short-term. For example, a good SEO strategy generates a good positioning if you dedicate time and care to it, but you must be patient, the reward is worth it.

Following these keys does not guarantee success, but if you put them into practice, your initiation into digital marketing will be much more profitable, and it will serve as a lifesaver so you do not get lost in the infinite ocean that is the digital world.

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