Google launcher Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 phone

Google Pixel smart watch

Google announced the launch of several new gadgets during its I/O developer conference, including the Pixel Watch, the new Pixel 6a phone and headphones, and its flagship Pixel 7 phone, which is working on a new tablet in the fall.

Google Pixel Watch: Everything we know so far

Google's much-anticipated smartwatch will arrive alongside the Pixel 7. Is it worth the wait?

Google launcher Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 phone
Google Pixel Watch

Finally, after years of supposed leaks, delays, and cancellations, Google unveiled the Pixel Watch at Google I/O 2022 on May 11, giving us an official look at the watch that a Google engineer left at a restaurant earlier this year. While the Pixel Watch won't arrive until later this year, we know plenty about it from both Google and leaked information.

Let's explore everything we know about the Google Pixel Watch, how it will compare to the best Android smartwatches available right now, and what exclusive features it will offer.

Google smart watch features

The Google Pixel Watch offers similar features to the Apple Watch and has a sleek look that could appeal to customers who use Android instead of the iPhone, which doesn't work with it.

Availability of Fitbit technology

It will incorporate Fitbit technology, allowing it to pull years of research and development from the fitness startup it acquired last year, and let Fitbit users track their sleep, heart rate and workouts.

Running Google Wear OS

The watch runs Google Wear OS software that allows users to do things like check messages and download music. Users can also get directions using Google Maps or connect them to their smart home devices, so they can, for example, change the temperature of a thermostat or check their Turn off the lights.

An Android Police leak has indicated that the Pixel Watch will have 32GB of memory and may have eSIM capabilities.

We don't yet know the watch's size, weight, battery capacity, or any other basic information. But the aforementioned leak indicates that the watch requires a daily charge, which is disappointing but to be expected.

More to discover

Google finally acknowledged the existence of the Pixel Watch, but didn't tell us much about it. This makes sense, given that the device won't actually ship for several months yet. But it also means that there is a lot more to discover about the device in the coming months. We'll keep this hub updated with any Pixel Watch rumors, leaks, or official information emerging between now and late October.

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