best wallets for cryptocurrencies investment opportunity

What are the best wallets for cryptocurrencies?

To operate with any cryptocurrency it is necessary to have a wallet, either digital or physical. But what are the best options?

best wallets for cryptocurrencies investment opportunity
best wallets for cryptocurrencies

Wallets are digital applications or physical devices that we use to manage the cryptocurrencies in our possession. With them we take our capital to the Exchanges, we pay for goods or services and we can even simply leave them there waiting for an investment opportunity.

Just as there are many cryptocurrencies, there are also many wallets on the market at our disposal. But you have to know how to choose the best one to avoid surprises along the way. To do this, we will divide into four parts:
  • wallet for bitcoin
  • Wallets for Ethereum
  • Multi cryptocurrency wallets
  • Cold Wallets or Cold Wallets

wallet for bitcoin


It is intuitive, easy to use and has the Lightning Network that will optimize scalability. It is like “a second layer” that allows you to make transactions almost instantly and with lower commissions.

It also has double authentication factor and is compatible with a physical wallet, but it is not compatible with ios.

bitcoin core

It is more limited than the previous one, since it does not work with the Lightning Network and requires a lot of storage space, but it is safe and reliable.

It is not available for ios and Android.


It can only be used through Smartphone and if it works with Lightning Network. It is safe and super easy to use.


It is only available for Smartphones like the previous one. It is easy to use and secure, but it does not have multisignature or Lighting Network.

Wallets for Ethereum

meta mask

It is the most used to carry out transactions with Ether, ERC-20 tokens and NFTs. It is compatible with Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. It is also compatible with physical wallets such as Ledger.


It is an open source platform to create wallets for Ethereum tokens. It is also compatible with the previous one to take advantage of the ease of use and integration of the aforementioned with many other cryptographic sites. It is available for ios and Android.

It allows to store any type of cryptocurrencies, as well as ERC-20 tokens. It has a simple and personalized interface, but it does not have two-factor authentication and is vulnerable to cyber attacks.

It is available for all operating systems.


It is the safest wallet to use from any Smartphone. It offers the possibility to operate with more than 160 tokens, as well as store ERC-20 and ERC-223 tokens. It also allows higher profits when holding cryptocurrencies.

Multi cryptocurrency wallets


It is only available for ios and Android.

Coinbase Wallet

It is owned by Coinbase and does not require you to have your cryptocurrencies on the online platform, since it is compatible with others and you benefit from the private insurance it offers.

It is not available for Linux.


It is the most secure wallet on the market and supports more than 1,770 blockchain assets and tokens. Even exclusive and fiat currencies.

It is available for all operating systems.

Wasabi Wallet

It works with the Tor anonymity network and protects the IP from which the transactions are made.

It is not available for Smartphones.

cold wallets


It is one of the best known cold wallets on the market. It has a simple interface and works through software that is installed on any computer. It also has a touch screen that allows use similar to a mobile device.

It has a recovery seed of 12 to 24 words that allows the stored crypto assets to be recovered.

Being outside the network does not run the risk of cyber attack.


Nano S and Nano X are the names under which it is marketed. It is similar to a flash drive. It allows to store up to 30 types of cryptocurrencies and tokens. Like the previous one, you must install software on your computer. It is cheaper than the previous one, but it does not offer all the benefits and security of the previous one.

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