Artificial intelligence Google develops glasses for simultaneous translation

Google develops glasses for simultaneous translation using artificial intelligence

The American Internet services and technology company, Google, revealed during the "Google I/O" developers conference a test model for glasses that can display translation from other languages ​​in the user's vision during any conversation with another person.

Artificial intelligence Google develops glasses for simultaneous translation

The company, which started a search engine on the Internet years ago, also indicated that within a very short time Internet users in the world will be able to search for any information by simply pointing the camera of a smartphone connected to the Internet at anything they want to know information about.

According to Google, just a picture of any food will be enough to know all the good restaurants that provide this food in the area near the user.

You can also point your smartphone's camera at shelves in any store to find out which one is the healthiest.

As part of its long-term vision, Google is developing smart glasses that can display written translations automatically in the user's vision.

Google called this technology "text simultaneous translation", as during the conference a video was shown to explain it, without further details.

The company did not reveal more technical details of these glasses, such as the life of their battery, for example.

At the same time, on the outside, the glasses are similar to traditional framed glasses, except that they are slightly larger.

It is noteworthy that the technology of integrating digital content into an external environment - whether on a live screen or in the user's view - is known as augmented reality "AR".

In 2013, Google launched a smart glasses called "Google Glass", but it did not achieve the desired success and spread; Which prompted it in 2017, to switch to a new version of the glasses aimed at companies only, under the name "Google Glasses Corporate Edition".

It is known that other companies such as Apple and Facebook are developing smart glasses using augmented reality technology.

A few years ago, the German company Bosch presented a test model of glasses that display arrows to determine directions in front of the user's eye to help him reach his destination.

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