Upcoming Extra-Large BMW X8 Spied BMW X8 A Better Car Look

This is the best BMW crossover

A better look at the upcoming BMW X8, one of the most exciting cars in the current BMW production line, and which is set to be the luxury crossover at the helm of the German group. Although there are some design similarities with the BMW X7, this model has some noticeable differences

The camouflage makes discerning details difficult, but the front of the BMW X8 looks flatter than the BMW X7. The headlights also appear to be low. The hood has rounded edges along the seam where it meets the body. There is a lot of coverage on the lower fascia to get an accurate design idea

Unlike the BMW X4 or BMW X6, the BMW X8 is not a crossover with coupe-inspired styling. Compared to the BMW X7, the roof arches downward a little more at the back, and there's a more rounded shape for the rear fenders

BMW covers much of the rear, and there are panels over the taillights to hide their shape. The hybrid vehicle test sticker on the bumper provides at least a hint of the powertrain this vehicle is using. Our spies speculate it's the same 745e setup that combines a hexagonal and electric motor with a total of 394 horsepower (290 kW.

The X8 M is said to be on the way, too. A 4.4-liter V8 with an electric motor might produce 750 HP (559 kW

Inside, the BMW X8 would allegedly offer two rows of seating. Buyers would be able to select either a bench in the back to fit a total of five people, or there would be two chairs there for increased comfort but limiting the vehicle to four occupants.

Current info suggests the BMW X8 would go on sale in late 2021 as a 2022 model year vehicle. A concept looking a lot like the production model might debut sooner, though

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