OnePlus 8T review: best phone with great screen and good battery life

OnePlus 8T review

OnePlus 8T replaces the OnePlus 8 that was only released six months ago, with more advantages: a larger, flat device with faster charging

OnePlus 8T

The price of the OnePlus 8T is about 549 pounds or 649 pounds depending on the storage space and lies between the average range of 379 pounds for OnePlus Nord and 799 pounds for the OnePlus 8 Pro

The design of the OnePlus 8T has more in common with OnePlus Nord than its predecessor or the 8 Pro, due to its adoption of a traditional flat screen rather than a curved screen on the sides. The switch makes the phone 1.2mm wider than its predecessor even though it has the same 6.55 inch screen

The screen on the OnePlus 8T also has a higher refresh rate at 120Hz versus 90Hz, which works best for smoothness, brightness and color

Aluminum sides of the OnePlus 8T and glass back. The green variant has a new glass process that almost completely eliminates the inconvenience of fingerprint smudges while remaining glossy. The phone has an excellent OnePlus alert slider on the side, a good set of stereo speakers and a USB-C port on the bottom, but there's no headphone jack and no official water resistance rating

The OnePlus 8T is on the big side of regular phones but is fairly easy to carry. It comes with a plastic screen protector in place, plus a good clear plastic case included in the box in Europe too

OnePlus 8T specifications

  • Screen: 6.55in 120Hz FHD + AMOLED (402ppi
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
  • RAM: 8 or 12 GB of RAM
  • Storage: 128 or 256 GB (UFS 3.1)
  • Operating System: OxygenOS 11 based on Android 11
  • Camera: Four rear cameras: 48MP, 16MP ultra-wide, 5MP macro, 2MP monochrome; 16-megapixel front camera
  • Connectivity: 5G, dual SIM, wifi 6, NFC, Bluetooth 5.1 (aptX / HD. LDAC, AAC) and location
  • Water Resistant: No official classification
  • Dimensions: 160.7 x 74.1 x 8.4mm
  • Weight: 188g
  • Superior performance, super fast charging

The OnePlus 8T has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor as its predecessor and 8 or 12 GB of RAM, depending on how much storage you choose. It supports 5G and supports two SIM cards simultaneously

Thus, the OnePlus 8T performs at the same speed and speed as both the older OnePlus 8 and the current 8 Pro - the latter also has the same chip. This means that it is one of the fastest devices on the market

The OnePlus 8T features a new battery design and charging system. Instead of having one battery inside the phone, it has two batteries that work together. For recharging, this means that both can charge at the same time for a higher charge rate

The batteries last just under 33 hours between charges, which is almost the same as their predecessor, making them from 7 am on the first day until around 4 pm on the second day with the screen set to 120Hz. During testing, the phone was running on 5G for 2 hours with the rest of the time on wifi. You will get more time with 5G on and off 120Hz screen mode

The new WarpCharge 65 system will fully charge the phone in just 37 minutes (two minutes faster than OnePlus states), which beats practically everything else. That’s a full charge in 28 minutes quicker than the phone’s predecessor, which was already very fast charging. It hits 50% in 14 minutes

OnePlus 8T camera

The OnePlus 8T has the same 48MP main camera and 16MP wide-angle camera as its predecessor in addition to a new 5MP macro camera and a 2MP monochrome camera. However, there is no telephoto zoom camera

The main ultra-wide-angle cameras perform very similarly to the OnePlus 8, producing excellent standard photos in good to medium lighting conditions, with automatic HDR where high-contrast scenes need to be handled well. New is the automatic Nightscape mode that starts when shooting in low light to get better photos

The 5MP macro camera is an improvement on the very poor 2MP version of the OnePlus 8, but I still get sharper photos with the main camera and zoom in a bit

The 2MP monochrome camera does not directly capture photos. Instead, it is used as a color sensor for the main camera that applies a monochrome filter through hardware rather than purely software. The results are better than the software filter and fun to play with, but the images aren't quite as clear as you'd usually get with the 20MP monochrome camera over competitors in the past

The 16MP front camera is fixed focus but really good, produces very detailed and balanced images in good and medium light, with reasonable portrait mode also available

OnePlus 8T price

The OnePlus 8T comes in two versions. The silver version with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage costs £ 549 and the green version with 12GB of RAM and 256GB storage costs £ 699

For comparison, the OnePlus 8 Pro has a recommended retail price of £ 799, OnePlus Nord costs £ 379, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra costs £ 1,179, iPhone 11 costs £ 599, and Fairphone 3+ costs £ 425

The OnePlus 8T is yet another top-spec, very well-priced, excellent phone from the Chinese smartphone brand

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