New 2021 Ford Puma pricing and specs. Small SUV details

2021 Ford Puma ST sports SUV revealed

Ford Puma ST is a sporty version of Ford’s smallest SUV and it takes its engine and styling cues from the popular Fiesta ST hot hatch

Puma ST is the hot version of Ford’s small SUV, and it looks set to be a strong contender in this class. For its blend of practicality, affordability and great handling and agility, the Puma is our reigning Car of the Year, and that bodes well for this flagship model

Puma ST promises to combine the practicality and lofty driving position of an SUV with the driving enjoyment of a hot hatch, so keen drivers no longer need to compromise if they need a more accommodating car. It’s based on the same underpinnings as the Fiesta and Fiesta ST, and is also fitted with the same three-cylinder turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol engine as its hot hatch cousin

Other similarities on the outside include a prominent lower body kit that extends around the car, incorporating a splitter-style front bumper and a new rear bumper that sets off the car's twin exhaust pipes. There’s also a large rear spoiler, and the Puma wears the same 19in alloy wheels as the Fiesta ST. And for those who really want to stand out from the crowd, distinctive Mean Green paint is an ST flourish

2021 Ford Puma ST engine

The potent 197bhp 1.5-litre all-aluminium engine from the Fiesta ST is the obvious choice to propel the Puma ST. It allows the SUV to complete the 0-62mph sprint in just 6.7sec – the same time as the hot hatch. The standard Puma is already the best small SUV to drive, but to make the ST feel sportier, the steering response has been made 25 percent faster and the chassis 40 percent stiffer

To help drivers get the most out of those tweaks, the Puma offers four drive modes: Eco, Normal, Sport and Track. These alter the driving dynamics and accelerator response to suit different road and weather conditions. Buyers can also add a Performance Pack that includes a launch control system that enables the fastest standing starts

2021 Ford Puma ST prices

Puma ST prices start on the appealing side of £30,000, but the Puma ST still represents a significantly bigger outlay for buyers than the standard Puma; you can pick one up for just over £20,000 when our Target Price discount saving of £1659 is taken off the list price

However, the Puma ST seriously undercuts its current small sports SUV rivals, including the Volkswagen T-Roc R, which starts at more than £40,000, and the Audi SQ2 which costs from just under £38,000. So, for now, it looks like good value for money, but that may change as more small sports SUVs arrive on the market

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