2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Volkswagen lineup highlights its new SUV

2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Electrifies VW's SUV Lineup

VW's first all-electric SUV has the same rolling base and electronics as the ID3, but is larger, roomier, and capable of perking up moderate off-road rides. It will arrive at the end of November with autonomies of between 360 and 520 km

Volkswagen's new battery-powered SUV sets its sights on the Tesla Model Y and the gas-powered competition

2021 Volkswagen ID.4

The launch of the ID3 was a milestone in VW's history as it was its first car designed from scratch as electric and laid the foundations for a wide family of battery-powered cars, for which the brand has ambitious goals: 1.5 million will circulate around the world in five years and 26 million (distributed in 75 models) by the end of this decade

So the ID.4, the second installment in this range and whose prices will start at about 37,000 euros, may not be so symbolic. But it is more important in global terms since, being an SUV (4.58 meters), it will fully enter the largest and most transversal segment of the global market, as stressed by the new Volkswagen CEO, during this exclusive opportunity to drive the ID4: "It will be sold and manufactured in China, the US and Europe and that is a clear sign that it is a global product," explains Ralf Brandstaetter

Here you can see more pictures of the car

It was scheduled to be presented in April, but the delay was such that the Skoda ENIAC was surpassed, both conceptually and structurally, by the same car and that it was unveiled on September 1

2021 Volkswagen ID.4

ID4 is much larger (+ 32cm) and slightly longer (+ 4.5cm) than ID3, with wavy lines of universal appeal. The slim headlamps and rear spoiler protrude, helping to achieve a drag coefficient of 0.28 ° C. On the versions with the Style kit, the roof and mirrors are finished in black, while the entire frame of the roof and pillars are completely metallic gray. The door handles are interlocked with the bodywork and at the bottom there is a black plastic base which, together with the increased ground clearance (21 cm), anticipates the ID4 capabilities off the tarmac, which in boot versions are impressive on 20 "(1) and 21" (1st) tires. Max)

2021 Volkswagen ID. 4 specification

In early 2021, versions with less equipment, less powerful engines will arrive - at the moment there is only the 204 horsepower - and more attractive prices. These high-end versions receive a 77 kWh battery that promises a maximum autonomy of 520 kilometers and will be followed by others with a 52 kWh battery (360 km of range), which will give rise to two power levels: 148 and 170 horses, always with rear wheel drive (the electric motor is mounted in front of the rear axle

And in spring the ID4 GTX will appear, with four-wheel drive thanks to a smaller electric motor on the front axle. It will have two power levels: 265 and 306 horses. To charge the huge lithium-ion battery (with 8 years or 160,000 km warranty for 70% of its energy content and which in the larger version weighs 493 kg), it can be done on poles from 50 kW to 100 kW for the ID.4 with the smallest battery and up to 125 kW for the most powerful

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