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Volkswagen ID.4 launched here's what you need to know

Volkswagen ID.4

As a compact SUV, Volkswagen’s fully electric ID.4 is catering to what is currently the world’s largest market segment. This is supposed to take the electric car out of its niche, whereas the ID.3 mostly targeted European markets. Prices for the ID.4 1st start at 49,950 euros, while cheaper basic models are to follow in 2021

2021 Volkswagen ID.4

The ID.4 is 4.58 meter long ID.4 and holds a 77 kWh (net) battery and a 150 kW electric motor in the rear. While the 1st Edition of the ID.3 was reserved exclusively for pre-orderers (from May 2019), the special edition of the ID.4 can be ordered by any customer, since a single special model simplifies the start of production. Strictly speaking, there are two special models: VW is also offering the ID.4 1st Max for 59,950 euros, which is supposed to stand out with more extensive equipment such as Matrik LED headlights at the front and 3D LED taillights at the rear

2021 Volkswagen ID. 4 specification

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After the ID.4 1st, which is to be delivered this year, VW plans to increase the number of variants from 2021. The 1st relies exclusively on the 77-kWh battery but a variant with the 52-kWh battery will be added in early 2021. For this, VW has so far only quoted a price of under 37,000 euros

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In 2021 the electric SUV will also come with different power levels. The ID.4 Pure with a 52 kWh battery produces 109 kW, whereas the Pure performance model offers 125 kW. The ID.4 Pro will reach 128 kW, the Pro Performance (like the 1st) will sport 150 kW. Depending on the version, the torque is between 220 and 310 Nm. Regardless of the power output, the top speed of the ID.4 is limited to 160 kph