2021 Toyota Yaris Crossover price specifications

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross revealed

Price, specifications and launch date of Toyota Yaris Cross 2021

The new Toyota Yaris Cross is the brand's smallest and most affordable SUVMeet The Rally-Inspired Toyota Yaris Cross

As its name suggests, it is closely related to the fourth generation Yaris Hatchback, which is set to go on sale this fall. But just as you wouldn't go wrong with the Nissan Juke competitor and the Micra, despite the two models having a lot in common mechanically, the Yaris Cross has its premium looks

Yaris Cross brings smart driving, advanced safety and security technology, and the superior fuel economy of the Yaris Series while providing new value as a compact SUV

Other small SUVs that will have to overcome include the 2008 Peugeot, Renault Captur, and Volkswagen T-Cross, as well as Car of the Year 2020, the Ford Puma

2021 Toyota Yaris crossover engine

Toyota has become synonymous with hybrid power in recent years, and the Yaris Cross continues its march in this direction, with the only engine option being a 1.5-liter petrol that runs in tandem with an electric motor to produce 114 hp

It's the same setup you get on the latest Yaris hatchback. The good news is that it impresses with it, switching between petrol and electric power almost imperceptibly. Refinement is further improved by the new CVT automatic gearbox, which is less inclined to send engine revs upward than the CVT

Despite its rugged appearance, most small SUVs are not actually available with all-wheel drive, but the Yaris Cross is an exception, with this version still emitting less than 135 g / km of CO2 in official WLTP tests. Meanwhile, front-wheel drive versions emit less than 120 g / km.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021 interior

As with the exterior, the Yaris Cross has its own interior, although this is not entirely distinctive; The center console is deeper than the Yaris hatchback and features polished black plastic, but details like the air vents and the metallic strip that runs through the top dashboard are carried over

The touchscreen infotainment system also appears to be the same, which means slow responses and outdated graphics, although you do get easy-to-use shortcut buttons, and you can bypass Toyota's own software thanks to the presence of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for smartphone mirroring

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross pricing

Yaris Cross sits beneath the C-HR in Toyota's SUV range, and with that model costing from £26,250, a starting price in the low 20s seems likely. This would also keep the Yaris Cross competitive with the award-winning Puma, which costs from £20,705.

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