2021 Kia Sorento revealed hybrid power more safety

2021 Kia Sorento is the latest in the South Korean brand’s crossover

renaissance, coming on the heels of the compact Seltos and a bit adrift of the hugely popular Telluride. But the latest Sorento, the fourth generation of the nameplate, is a far bigger leap forward in its segment than the two well-received models that came before it

2021 Kia Sorento

Where the Telluride and Seltos resonated with customers without fundamentally changing the game, the Sorento arrives in a hotly contested segment with a number of innovative features and compelling pieces of tech. The hybrid model, for example, is turbocharged. And if you want a plug-in, a Sorento with 30 miles of all-electric range and standard all-wheel drive will arrive late next year. In the cabin, the standard three-row layout introduces captain’s chairs for the first time, while fans of the outdoors will appreciate the new, rugged X-Line trim. And of course, the Sorento is smarter and safer than ever before

Kia Sorento Exterior Design

2021 Sorento eschews the harder lines of the Telluride in favor of a mix of the design featured on the Seltos and the new K5 sedan. The traditional “Tiger Nose” grille is on hand, flanked by angular headlights reminiscent of the Seltos – the strong LED running light isn’t as aggressive as the K5, but it rounds out a clean, stylish fascia for Kia’s middle-child crossover

The profile has a number of flashy touches, from the subtle side grille to the wave-like motif on the C-pillar – available in gloss black or polished silver finishes depending on the trim. A strong character line at the bottom of the doors complements the black cladding below it, giving the Sorento a slightly rugged look. The greenhouse, though, is a contrast, boasting a sleek roofline and a skinny D-pillar

Our favorite touch, though, comes at the rear, where the Sorento builds on the taillight design Kia introduced on the Telluride. There’s depth to these twin vertical lamps, with the outer portion integrated into the rear fenders while the inner lights are part of the tailgate. That element features strong styling, from the creasing at the bottom just above the prominent “SORENTO” badging to the sharp lines around the license plate housing. The bumper, meanwhile, takes an Audi-like approach to its styling, with silver elements meant to mimic exhaust housings

Interior Design

the Sorento takes inspiration from the K5 for its interior design. That sedan features one of the nicest interiors in its class, after all. Prominent silver brightwork on the climate vents can extend to include elements of the dash or the doors, although a pleasant matte wood – inspired by the Telluride, no doubt – is also available for customers seeking a more luxurious finish. And like the K5, the available 10.3-inch touchscreen sits in a neat housing that merges with the instrument cluster. Below that are a pair of vertical climate vents and a high center console

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