Pixel 4a For only $ 349, which is the latest phone from Google

Google Pixel 4a Unboxing

Google Pixel 4a gives you the best of Google in an affordable, one-hand-friendly package

Pixel 4a phone review

There's slick Google Assistant integration, a clean Android interface with three years of guaranteed updates, and a seriously impressive photography experience considering the Pixel 4a has just one rear camera

Although there is a Pixel, the 4a 5G variant will arrive later in 2020, alongside the Google Pixel 5 (which will also be 5G enabled

If you are considering getting the Google Pixel 4a, then you will need to carefully consider what is important to you when it comes to a new smartphone. If you are looking for maximum hype for your efforts, and abundant features, the Pixel 4a is unlikely to whet your appetite

However, its compact size, clean user interface, and great photography camera will appeal to those looking for an affordable and affordable phone with enough grunt for social media, web browsing and emails, plus the ability to take some excellent photos

  • Google Pixel 4a release date and price
  • Google Pixel 4a price: $349 / £349 / AU$599

Google Pixel 4a Unboxing

Just one configuration, one color and no larger Pixel 4a XL

Google Pixel 4a price is $349 / £349 / AU$599. There are no configuration options, there's no, larger Pixel 4a XL, and there's only one color: Just Black. If you want the Pixel 4a, you'll have to sacrifice choice for that low price tag

That's a competitive price point, and one that's $50 / £50 / AU$50 cheaper than the launch price of its predecessor, the Google Pixel 3a. You also get more RAM (6GB vs 4GB) and more storage (128GB vs 64GB) with the Pixel 4a, so Google is giving you a decent amount of bang-for-your-buck, at least within its own ecosystem

Trouble is, the Google Pixel 4a is playing in a highly-competitive middle market, and is up against some handsets with far more impressive spec sheets – the likes of the OnePlus Nord, Realme X50 5G, Moto G 5G Plus and Mi Note 10 Lite can dazzle consumers with their multiple cameras, larger screens and 5G connectivity

While the handset itself won't differ between regions, when you can actually get your hands on it will depend on where you are. The Google Pixel 4a release date for the US is August 20, but the rest of the world will have a longer wait

The Pixel 4a release date in Australia is September 10, while the Pixel 4a release date in the UK is all the way off on October 1 (with pre-orders starting here on September 10) – two months after the phone's launch.

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