How to install the Google Phone app on Android phones

How to get the Google Phone app on any Android device

Google Phone app, previously only available on Pixel phones, is now available as a beta formost Android phones

You’ll need to enroll in the beta to give it a shot. The instructions are in the article below

the app doesn’t have a lot of the Pixel-centric features, such as Call Screen

How to install the Google Phone app on Android phones

Google Phone app is what powers the dialer of Pixel smartphones. Its simple design and powerful features make it a favorite of Pixel users. Now, though, anyone can give a bare-bones version of the app a shot, even if you don’t own a Pixel

We don’t know specifically which phones are able to give the app a try, but according to our own testing, pretty much any Android-powered smartphone seems to be compatible. Chromebooks, tablets, and Wear OS-powered watches, obviously, won’t work

The Google Phone app is only available in beta for non-Pixel phones. Therefore, it will lose some of the features that make it really powerful, like Call Screen. In other words, you should try it now if you like the look and feel of the app, as its feature set is limited

How to get the Google Phone demo app on your device

First, you need to enroll in the beta program. Using a device on which you are logged in with your Google account, click here

On the page you land on, you should see the Google Phone app icon. Tap the blue “Become a Tester” button

Once you’re a confirmed tester (which should be instantaneous), click here to visit the Phone app listing on the Play Store

You should be able to install the app on your phone now. If you can’t, just wait an hour or two for your beta access to start

Once you have the app successfully installed, launch it. You’ll need to set it as your default dialer app for it to work correctly, so go ahead and do that when prompted. Hopefully, some of the Pixel-exclusive features will eventually make their way to this “universal” version of the app. Stay tuned

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