Google Maps introduces for first time new Apple Watch app

Google Maps is finally back on Apple Watch

Google today announced the launch of several features for Google Maps on Apple products, including new CarPlay functionality and a new Google Maps app that works on Apple Watch
Google Maps introduces for first time new Apple Watch app

new Google Maps app for ‌Apple Watch‌ works similarly to the iOS app, allowing ‌Apple Watch‌ owners to get directions for a car, bike, public transit, or on foot

The app supports estimated arrival times and step-by-step directions on ‌Apple Watch‌ when using saved destinations like Work or Home. Other destinations require navigation to start on iPhone, with the directions then picked up by ‌Apple Watch‌

Google Maps finally works with the excellent CarPlay dashboard mode

For ‌CarPlay‌, there's ‌CarPlay‌ Dashboard integration for switching or pausing songs from a media app, rewinding or fast forwarding podcasts or audiobooks, or quickly checking calendar appointments all while turn-by-turn directions remain on the ‌CarPlay‌ display. All info is displayed in a split screen view

Google Maps works with ‌CarPlay‌ Dashboard on all ‌CarPlay‌ supported vehicles around the world. The Google Maps app for ‌Apple Watch‌ will be rolling out in the coming weeks

Google Maps can be downloaded from the App Store for free
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