BMW M3 with a tour of the BMW M3 Wagon that looks perfect

BMW M3 Wagon that looks perfect

new BMW M3 saloon will be fully unveiled next month, alongside the BMW M4 Coupe. Good times. In 2021, we’ll see a BMW M4 Convertible, and after that, a BMW M3 Touring


Close to Munich, home of BMW M GmbH, another dream is underway: for the first time in BMW M GmbH history, the model range will be supplemented with a BMW, BMW said

In fact, BMW talks about its "magic" with the idea of ​​the M3 (we wanted one forever, but whatever), referring to the launch of the impressive E46 M3 Touring prototype exactly 20 years ago (pictured above). This car never gets real, but this time it works. "In the sixth generation BMW M3, it won't just end with theoretical considerations and a series of product technology tests," she said

BMW confirmed the “six-cylinder M TwinPower turbo engine” up front has been ‘set’ – so it’ll almost certainly be the same 500bhp 3.0-litre turbo unit that’ll see service in the M3 Saloon/M4 Coupe/M4 Convertible. Good engine, that. And while we know the M3 Saloon will get the option of a manual alongside the eight-speed auto, we’re not sure whether that’ll transfer over to this Touring

We also don't know if it will be available with both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, but you can potentially expect a lot. Naturally, you'll get a custom M Division suspension and chassis tuning, a wider track, "visibly large front air intakes" (plus a darkened front grille, no doubt), and all-important quad tailpipes at the back

The final production of the M3 Touring has been said to be in "the early stages of the series development process which is around two years," so it would be good to have some time in 2022. Part of this development process includes track time on the Nürburgring, because the "first car The BMW M3 Touring is ultimately a BMW M3

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