GOOGLE PIXEL 4A REVIEW Most Liked $ 349 needs to wait

Google Pixel 4A review

Google on Monday unveiled Pixel 4A, which will sit alongside Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5. Although the last two will be available later, you can actually pre-order Pixel 4A for $ 349, £ 349 and AU $ 599

Google Pixel 4A

Pixel 4A has one of the best cameras you can get on the phone

Amid a plethora of $ 400 from the currently available phones, which include the iPhone SE (2020) and Galaxy A51, it's hard to turn down the two distinct Pixel 4A features. The fact that it has the same excellent flagship camera as the Pixel 4 (unfortunately, it does not have the second telephoto lens in Pixel 4) makes it the perfect phone for anyone who wants to take great photos without spending too much effort. Especially if this person doesn't care about getting an elegant design or a huge screen, both don't have a Pixel 4A

Pixel 4A is about $ 50 cheaper than its nearest competitors and has 128GB storage, instead of 64GB like previous years, so it's really solid value. These days, any amount of money that can be saved is extremely important

So does Pixel 4A have the best camera on any phone? This means that the Pixel 4 still has the best camera? Not necessarily, not like previous years. When Pixel 2 appeared in 2017, the delta between Google Camera and other Android phones at that time was very wide. When Pixel 3 presented Night Sight, the magic levels were impressive. But competitors like Apple, Samsung and OnePlus have reduced the gap when it comes to important camera features like low-light and zoom images

best question then is: Is this the phone with the best camera you can get for $ 350? Given that Pixel 4A also receives instant software updates from Google, has a long battery life (so far) and has a headphone jack - all over the stellar camera - I dare say the answer is yes

Comparison of Google Pixel 4A and Pixel 4

Pixel 4A has the best camera for money

The main selling point of the Pixel 4A is that it has the Pixel 4 main camera in a cheaper package. While Pixel 4A's handling of HDR effects and contrast may seem unrealistic at times, the cinematic quality of its images makes it one of the most user-friendly cameras. And while it doesn't have many rear cameras, like the original Galaxy A51 or Pixel 4, it takes little effort to get the Pixel 4A to spit out a good picture. This makes it fun and hassle-free to use

Pixel 4A battery performance

The Pixel 4A features a Snapdragon 730G chip and 6GB RAM. In benchmark tests, the Pixel 4A consistently outperformed the Galaxy A51. But, as expected, it fell behind the flagship Pixel 4, which has a superior Snapdragon 855 processor. IPhone SE, with its Apple A13 Bionic processor, comfortably beat all phones

phone works quickly with most tasks. The screen was unlocked with my fingerprint, the assistant started and apps opened without any hindrance. But Pixel 4A is not the smoothest phone I've ever had. After downloading Call of Duty and PUBG, I had to restart the phone because both applications are down while downloading. And every time, for example, the app will quit unexpectedly or I had to restart the camera because the shutter button on the screen will not be recorded. Overall, the phone runs reliably, and after restarting I managed to play both of the above games without any other problems

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