OnePlus Nord review great specifications affordable price

OnePlus Nord phone prices and specifications

With 5G, a solid set of specifications and a vibrant design, OnePlus Nord offers a lot of appeal at a reasonable price. At less than 500 euros (around $ 570, £ 450, or AU $ 820), it's much cheaper than its $ 999 flagship brother, OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus Nord

phone has a powerful Octa Core processor, a vibrant 6.44-inch screen, a fingerprint scanner and a 5G screen for ultra-fast data transfer speeds. All this wrapped in a cool-looking blue body that feels nothing but cheap. Add to this the three rear cameras that capture decent shots and two selfie cameras, and Nord is as well stacked as any of the elite phones today

OnePlus Nord review

There are a couple of tiny compromises: There's no IP rating for waterproofing as you'll get on the OnePlus 8 ($699 at Amazon) and 8 Pro, and the in-display fingerprint scanner is very hit and miss. Neither of which are deal-breakers. The bigger problem for most of you is that this excellent phone isn't available in the US. It's currently due for release in the UK and wider Europe (as well as India and China) but OnePlus has yet to say if it'll ever reach US or Australian shelves

Those of you who can buy it should know that this is a superb phone that offers a great experience for a much more affordable price than any of today's flagship phones. If you've been eyeing up the iPhone SE but don't want to switch away from Android, the OnePlus Nord is the phone for you

OnePlus Nord's processor performance

Under the hood is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 765G processor, which brings 5G connectivity to the Nord and actually makes it among the more affordable 5G phones around. Of course you'll need to be on a service plan that supports 5G and you'll need to be in an area where 5G is available. 5G is still somewhat in its infancy, so coverage is still quite patchy in many areas of the US and the UK, but it's definitely smart to be buying a 5G phone now so that you're ready to take advantage of those speeds when they're more easily accessible

The processor itself has eight cores and it's backed up by either 8 or 12GB of RAM, depending on the variant you go for. Our review model came with the maximum 12GB and performance is excellent. Navigation around the phone was swift and free of any lag, while demanding games like Asphalt 9: Legends played without any noticeable drop in frame rates

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