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Will you buy the Google Pixel 4a

Pixel 4a has a reduced price, with a camera, screen, great performance and long battery life, with a small and light body. Pixel 4a features and specifications, here is the Google Pixel 4a review

Pixel 4a is a return to form for Google’s smartphone efforts: a lower-cost, mid-range phone that is high quality, long-lasting and fairly small, with a great camera

The £349 Pixel 4a is very much an attempt to boil down a smartphone to only the essentials and then make them all work really well

It slots under the higher-priced £669-and-up Pixel 4 series, replacing last year’s Pixel 3a and 3a XL with only one size of phone, taking the design of the 3a and expanding the screen to fill the front of the device

A 5G version is coming later in the year but for now the Pixel 4a is 4G only

You can go to review the video here: Google Pixel 4a

Pixel 4a phone review

The body of the phone is made of high quality polycarbonate and is soft to the touch and feels surprisingly nice. The 5.8-inch FHD + OLED display looks great: it's bright and crisp enough, and it has reasonably thin bezels

There is a fairly large hole in the upper left of the screen for the selfie camera and the screen does not have a refresh rate of 90Hz to some of the slightly more expensive competitors but it does have HDR certification for watching movies

Pixel 4a has a 4.5% larger screen than its predecessor but its body is 5.8% smaller overall. It is 144 mm long, 69.4 mm wide, 8.8 mm thick and weighs 143 grams

Pixel 4a is one of the best and smallest phones you can buy in 2020

Super phone buffs may be disappointed, but for those who yearn for a big enough screen in a small and light device that won't break the bank, the Pixel 4a is a breath of fresh air

The back of the Pixel 4a has a traditional fingerprint scanner that just works, and it does so in all apps. Google's "face unlock" feature on the Pixel 4 worked brilliantly to unlock the phone, but even after nine months, only a few third-party apps had supported it

The top features a less popular headphone jack. The bottom is a universal USB-C power socket. The phone has very good stereo speakers. There is no wireless charging and no official water resistance rating

Google Pixel 4a phone specifications

  • Screen: 5.8 inches FHD + OLED (443ppi)
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G
  • RAM: 6 GB of RAM
  • Storage: 128 GB
  • Operating system: Android 10
  • Camera: 12.2 MP back, 8 MP selfie camera
  • Connectivity: LTE, eSIM, wifi 5, NFC, Bluetooth 5.1, headphones, GPS
  • Dimensions: 144 x 69.4 x 8.2mm
  • Weight: 143g

Pixel 4a camera

Pixel 4a has Google's excellent single camera system. It lacks the Pixel 4's second optical zoom camera but retains most of its software features including Google's industry-leading Night Sight for ultra-bright photography, astrophotography mode for star photography, and Live HDR + allowing you to adjust light and dark areas in real time, plus To vertical position for people and pets

It is arguably the best point-and-shoot camera you can get for less than £ 600, which results in clear, balanced, and highly detailed shots in most environments. But the Pixel 4a is not quite as versatile as some competitors of the same price that it is equipped with ultra-wide and zoom cameras as well. Video captured at up to 4K at 30fps is pretty good for the price, although I often accidentally turned off the microphone with my hand

The selfie camera is pretty good, taking good photos in most lighting conditions, but it struggles a bit with fine detail when expanded to full size

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