2021 Test Ford Bronco testifies to its outstanding performance

2021 Ford Bronco

The Bronco has serious off-road chops even without the Sasquatch package and 35-inch tires

2021 Ford Bronco testing on the Rubicon track

You can see clearly from the adjacent footage provided by Bronco6G.com, these prototypes have taken serious hits while climbing rocks and have lots of battle scars all over their bodies and skidboards. Aside from checking out Bronco off-road parts in the real world, we can also observe Ford in action as the video above shows an engineer in the passenger seat working on a laptop

The video above is interesting for a different reason – the manual transmission. It’s a seven-speed ‘box with crawler gear for which there’s an ongoing petition to make it available across the range, including in combination with the off-road Sasquatch package. It’s worth mentioning none of the prototypes had the optional Sasquatch package, meaning they all had 33-inch tires instead of the 35-inch set. The Bronco 2-Door sat on BFG AT rubber while its more practical sibling came equipped with Goodyear MT tires

2021 Ford Bronco 

It’s unlikely many of the 150,000+ people who have so far lined up to buy a Bronco will head to the Rubicon Trail on day one to put its off-road credentials to the test. That being said, it’s comforting to know Ford’s Wrangler competitor has what it takes to tackle some of the most difficult terrains when push comes to shove

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