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Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series P One Edition

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series P One

2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is already preparing to get a limited-edition version that is unlike any other AMG model in history

It is alleged that the upcoming GT Black Series "P One Edition" will cost just 50,000 euros when put up for sale, and is part of a production limited to only 275 units

Yes, I read that right, the rare AMG Super, 730 hp versus just 50 big engines. Obviously, there's a rather big catch, because the only people who will be able to order the GT Black Series P One Edition are the 275 who are currently awaiting delivery of the powerful Mercedes AMG One

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Mercedes-Van cars were the first to report this, but the wording makes it unclear whether customers will need to pay an additional 50,000 euros on top of the "normal" GT Black Series price or if this is the price for the entire P One Edition

Either way, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but we can be sure that a Mercedes-AMG Petronas inspired GT GT Series is definitely coming. With a two-color livery inspired by a single seat in Formula 1, the Limited Edition will also feature new wheels and a revamped interior, among other new things

In other words, if you are among the lucky ones to be elected to receive the Mercedes-AMG One when the first units are finally delivered in 2021, you can also get the rarest GT GT Series of them all

The move was apparently taken to calm those poor customers who first promised their F1 supercar two years ago

As most of you know, the Mercedes-AMG One was delayed several times after AMG had trouble adjusting the F1 engine derived from motorsport, and the main reason was high emissions and the pursuit of a more reasonable deceleration speed for the 1.6-liter V6 turbocharger.

Approximately 200 people are currently working on the One project. The latest news about deliveries mentioned that they should start in the first half of 2021. The GT Black Series P One Edition should arrive a tad earlier than that, as a consolation, of course

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series P One Editio

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